Cannabis Etiquette Please

by Shanti
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If you’ve smoked marijuana you recognize the smell of it anywhere. That smell was everywhere the night I took my son to downtown Atlanta.

My son and I travel often for his basketball tournaments. This particular weekend we decided to enjoy a bit of the city. So we rented a hotel room smack in the middle of downtown Atlanta.

We arrived at the hotel after dark and decided to go for a walk. The hotel was blocks from Olympic Centennial Park. The park sits nestled in the middle of sky-rise office buildings.

The gates to the park were locked, so we made our way over to the crowd of people by the Ferris wheel.

People were standing in line. Others standing in social groups. Some were riding by the crowd in neon lit horse drawn carriages made to look like a glowing version of a fairy tale.

Out of the blue people began running into the streets behind one of the carriages. After some pushing and yelling the people returned to the sidewalk. Someone was throwing money into the crowd from a  passing neon carriage. As you can imagine “free money” causes quite a commotion.

Shortly after the money grab, a strong odor of marijuana bombarded my senses.

Usually this smell makes me smile, but on this night, walking with my son, I felt embarrassed.

Had I suspected the place would reek with marijuana, I wouldn’t have walked there with my son. see, there are plenty of places where smoking marijuana in the middle of downtown may be acceptable. But in Georgia, marijuana remains illegal.

Blatant disregard for the law going unchecked by cops says a lot about the law at this point.  But are marijuana users people who want to associate with lawlessness?

Not at all.

We care about people, animals, the environment, our work, politics, and lots more. We’re not a bunch of rebellious party animals who can’t control themselves.

And like with alcohol, there are always people willing to take things a bit too far. These people create an image most marijuana lovers wouldn’t find attractive.

As marijuana lovers we should put forth the very best of human nature. Let marijuana become associated with the good qualities of being human. . . creativity, intelligence, kindness, and a love of life. We can avoid giving marijuana a bad rap. We can show recreational marijuana use is another form of relaxation.

We ought to create a marijuana culture we can be proud to pass along to the next generation. Not worry about.

Instead of laws we need a marijuana etiquette book. Like Tiffany’s Book of Table Manners.

The first rule: respect others and their property especially when stoned.

It sounds a bit stiff, but we owe it to ourselves and the cannabis industry to be our very best. Not only for the present. For the future generations.

I’d rather we not look back on these times and wish cannabis legalization had never happened at all.

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