Colombian Cannabis Laws Launch its Legal Marijuana Industry

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It’s official! The Colombian marijuana export industry is underway. Colombian-grown marijuana will soon be available for export to markets around the world.  In February, Colombia’s Parliament proposed a bill to allow the exportation of cannabis flowers. The bill opens a needed door of opportunity for the entire country.

The 2015 law permitted the export of oils, extract, and tinctures. It forbade the export of cannabis flowers. Under the new law cannabis flower exports are legal. 

The proposal signifies the country is ready to allow international marijuana business.  It’s a long-awaited change from days of old. When drug cartels and gangsters ruled the Colombian export market.

The Colombian cannabis laws have changed the country’s status. Legal exportation of marijuana is a long shot from the country’s black market past. In short, Colombia’s cannabis laws delivered the country from the illegal to legal.

A few months earlier Colombia’s Senate approved the use of recreational marijuana. The approval came in December, 2020.  And the approval of recreational marijuana could spell greater opportunity for the country. . . tourism.

There’s even talk of legalizing cocaine. But, first the Colombian government must implement its detailed cannabis laws.

Colombian Cannabis Laws

Prior to 2015 medical marijuana was not legal in Colombia. In 2015  President Juan Miguel Santos, signed the law to legalize medical marijuana. The law became known as Law 1787.

On 6 July, 2016, the Congress of the Republic of Colombia approved Law 1787.  The law created a regulatory framework. The framework provides “safe and informed” access for the scientific and medicinal use of marijuana products. 

It’s purpose was two-fold:

1) to protect the right to treatment and

2) to pave the way for a thriving marijuana industry.

Colombian Cannabis

Colombia is an ideal country for marijuana cultivation. The country has many advantages because of:

· Geographical location

· Skilled agricultural labour force and

· and climate.

Despite perfect conditions cannabis cultivators have waited for a green light to export. The law approving international exports is the golden opportunity.

The approval of medical marijuana in 2015, prompted investments in Colombian cannabis companies. Then the legality of marijuana came into question once again. 

A new law allowed police to confiscate any drugs found on a person. The new law raised some doubt about the legitimacy of the marijuana legislation. Doubts about the state of the Colombian marijuana industry crept in.

But the recent weeks have shown the marijuana industry in Colombia is on the move.

Movement in the Colombian Industry

At the end of 2020, the country gave almost 700 licenses. The licenses were for both low and high THC production and seed production as well. In addition one EU-GMP certification was  granted. The certification indicates an international future for marijuana. 

As more EU-GMP certifications get approved the Colombian industry will grow. And there’s always the North American demand for marijuana.

Americans have bought Colombian cannabis for decades.  The kind of good news the people are ready to hear.

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