E-Growers Reduce Environmental Risks

by Daniel Gauci
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Two weeks ago, I got the chance to see a documentary about “The Dust Bowl” in America.  

For years dust storms caused death and destruction on a mass scale to human, livestock, and crops. There was so much dust children grew up inside. Even inside people were not safe from the dust. Dust blew into the house. During storms it piled up around homes and entered the house through windows and doors.

It took days to clear dust from the home after a storm. Then another storm would hit.  This went on for years.

The dust bowl was the worst man-made environmental disaster ever created. And the damage done to the land was epic.

After the dust storms ended the cause became clear.  

The cultivation of wheat cost millions of acres of prairie land. Overzealous plowing and destruction of the prairie grass loosened the soil. The soil became loose dirt and caused excess dust to rise into the air.

So why did they over plow the land? To produce wheat, and in those days wheat was as good as gold. 

Wheat was easy to grow and in high demand. The Midwest had cheap “farmable” land. More people bought homesteads to grow the much-demanded crop for top dollar in the Midwest and moved their entire family there to live the American dream.  

They’d grow precious wheat for the war effort and make their fortune. Had they done a bit of thinking, a bit of working together, they could have avoided the disaster.

We can learn a lot from history.  

The demand for cannabis is growing for both medical and recreational use. Cultivation of cannabis is on the rise.

Business-mined cannabis lovers see the opportunity and are jumping in with both feet.  Some legal others not. 

New cultivators lack the experience and the knowledge of the more seasoned cultivators.  Illegal cultivators use banned pesticides which are harmful to the surrounding environment

Outdoor growing can destroy animal habitats. Growing indoors consumes electricity. New technology can lessen the carbon footprint. But these are expensive and rarely used by newer cultivators.

More seasoned growers are aware of the impact their growing has on the environment. They understand the land they cultivate. They use technology designed to reduce waste and improve conditions. Their experience and resources make them a safer bet for the environment.

The crowd growing also reduces risk to the environment.  

Crowdgrowing platforms pick established cultivators with growing experience. Cultivators must adhere to strict standards of licensing, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  Resources improve the quality of the product and the sustainability of the land.

A reputable crowd growing operation takes care when partnering with cultivators.They use experts and invest in technology.  And they have established processes.

Partnering with established cultivators allows new cannabis entrepreneurs a unique opportunity.     

E-growing avoids hazardous consequences of cultivating cannabis without experience. By partnering with seasoned cultivators, e-growers reduce risk to the environment. 

As more legislation of cannabis develops, environmental protections will emerge. Eventually, operational standards will require environmental protection. Until then we proceed with caution. And in the world of cannabis cultivation, caution comes with experience.

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