Forgetting Anger

by Shanti
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Some people can stay angry for a while. I met this guy who’d held onto anger with his father for some money his father stole three decades earlier.  Every day for 30 years he’d focus some part of his anger on his father. When he was in his sixties he had a heart emergency that nearly ended his life.

I say, if he’d smoked some weed he’d have forgotten the whole thing an hour after it happened.

You know that’s the true beauty of marijuana, its major ability to heal people of anger and get them laughing again.

The world needs more marijuana, not less of it.

The other day, I hadn’t had any pot. It was pretty early and I’m not a wake and bake kind of gal anymore. My man was in the bathroom doing his thing.I’m waiting outside the bathroom for my toothbrush. But my patience isn’t infinite. And time has a way of making you think.

I’d been clear about going to my mother’s house for the family gettogether. And now my man who loves and cares for me deeply was hogging the bathroom and making me late.

There are times when an argument can be avoided and times when they can’t. Usually when it comes to family gatherings they can get heated. I called him “this” and he called me “that” and it was ugly mad.

Now I never smoke or have an edible before going to my mother’s house, but this time I had to or my inner witch would stay out. So I smoked for the fastest delivery.

And when my husband stepped out of the bathroom quarter of an hour later I’d forgotten I was even mad.

Hence the power of cannabis.

There’s research on both sides of the equation. Some say marijuana is the cause of angry rages and others say marijuana helps with anger management. There’s not enough research on the topic of cannabis and anger.

I’m pretty skeptical of research against cannabis in the area of emotion and mood. Marijuana’s been used to treat post traumatic stress disorder with success. We just need more research in this area before we can come to a generalization.

In the meantime, there are specific strains of cannabis to treat anger. Need one then visit a doctor and tell him you need something for anger. It is a clinical disorder.

The clinical term for anger is Intermittent Explosive Disorder. An awful name for an awful mood.

The Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hanh, wrote an entire book called “Anger.” The book teaches you to distinguish yourself from the feeling of anger. A person may say I have anger. But never say I am angry.

Deep breathing works well too.

Thich Nhat Hanh is an amazing teacher who deserves a ton of respect. But he doesn’t deal with my sweet husband.

For me I prefer to nip that anger at the bud. Just forget the whole thing ever happened. It works well in marriage to forget the bad and laugh at all of it as much as possible and whenever possible.

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