Grandma’s Smoke Weed Too

by Shanti
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My grandmother was a sweet old woman. Never hurt a fly.  Because all these years, behind my mother’s back, my grandmother smoked weed.

I didn’t find out my Grandmother and I shared the same pastime until I went to Jamaica for a visit. She told me to take a taxi to her house because she wasn’t able to drive. I found one parked outside the airport, jumped in and went to Grandma’s house.

Upon arrival I paid the cab driver, got my bags and walked up the sidewalk to the yellow house. I knocked on the door and waited for an answer. But none came so I went to the back of the house and peered through the window. There, on the kitchen table was a six inch pink plastic bong. And by the bong a bag of green.

My first instinct was to run after the taxi driver. I had to be at the wrong house. But he was long gone. So I checked the address again, knowing I’d made a mistake. It was my Grandmother’s house, unless she’d given me the wrong address which at 87 is a distinct possibility.

Then she opened the front door smiling. After hugs and greetings she invited me inside.  The entire place smelled like a ganja party. I never questioned her about it. Because deep down I was proud my grandmother was as high as a kite.

What most people don’t realize is marijuana is loved by all generations. Of course there are people in every generation who hate. For them there’s nothing better to do. But for everyone else marijuana is relief.

What’s funny is that it comes as a shock to see people my grandmother’s age smoking pot and enjoying it! Why we associate marijuana with the young and reckless is beyond me.

The Journal of American Medicine, JAMA, did a study to find out about cannabis use among people of an older age group. What they found speaks to this stereotype that pot is for people of a certain age group. The study found an increasing trend among older people. More people age 65 and older are admitting to frequent pot use.

In fact the percentage of the older age group who uses marijuana has increased 7.25 times in ten years. This rapid increase was even surprising to the researchers.

Why are we so inclined to believe older people cannot make the choice to use marijuana? After all they’ve lived through a lot. My grandmother lived through civil unrest, racism, and war.

She should be enjoying marijuana.

But society thinks marijuana is for potheads. It’s for degenerate people, not sweet old ladies who bake and take care of stray cats. What would an anti-marijuana cop say if he caught a granny smoking weed?

My granny did end up sharing her secret, which I vowed to keep from my mother. We had some great fun together.

A time I’ll never forget because it changed the way I viewed older people and their need for weed too.

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