Removing the Stigmas, Medicinal and Recreational Cannabis

by Robin Silver

It is true that weed is socially stigmatised even today, specifically its recreational scene, and it has been for many years.

However, I do believe that we are living in the middle of the big change in regards to weed, for both medicinal and recreational use. Now more than ever we have scientific studies looking into all kinds of treatments for all kinds of patients.

The society has been divided into three kinds of people, those who support medicinal but not recreational, those who support both uses, and those who are strictly against both.

We can see that there are many people enjoying the new legal weed in several countries across the globe, and it has allowed more detailed studies to take place. This has made North America one of the strongest fighters for medicinal marijuana research. Having a legal status means less hassle for the people to participate in a study.

More studies equals more evidence towards positive results in treatments.

More positive results equals more public acceptance.

If the masses can be convinced that the cannabis plant as a whole can be used for good purposes, then we would win the battle against its current stigma.

Legislation changes!

Right now, many countries are changing or adapting their legislation in order to approve therapeutic or medicinal cannabis. It seems like the world is preparing themselves for marijuana to make its way towards a legal status. More and more people seem to be on board with the changes happening, slowly but surely accepting marijuana as a part of our society.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) asked the United Nations (UN) in early 2019, to remove marijuana from the UN Single convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961. This measure meant recognizing the therapeutic value of some of the components of the cannabis plant that to this day are internationally controlled.

Unfortunately, things don’t move as quickly as one would hope. At the moment they will go forward with a vote with these recommendations sometime in December, taking place at the UN’s headquarters in Vienna, Austria. I think we all have our fingers crossed for a complete deletion.

Hopefully, the removal of marijuana from the list may relieve more of the pressure that cannabis companies, enthusiasts or patients feel today. Taking us into a new era of medicinal and recreational cannabis use.

Getting that loan

Ideally, the cannabis industry will gradually become widely accepted with the average person, banks and medical practitioners as well. This would invite thousands of opportunities for anyone interested in the business, people could finally get loans approved by their bank to start one of their cannabis related projects and not have to operate in a murky legal landscape where they risk being shut down due to tricky legislation.

Great look for the future

I think it’s safe to assume that we may see the light at the end of this tunnel that is the war on drugs when it comes to cannabis, since the legislation is undergoing change, and spreading to all corners of the globe.

Patients from all over the world would finally be given a chance at alternative treatments for their ailments, not having to use pills for their aches or sleep deprivation.

Fingers crossed that the UN gives us the green light on this topic.

What do you think the outcome will be?

Comment below!

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Shanti August 27, 2020 - 4:07 pm

Great article on the cannabis stigma. We are moving away from the old ways aren’t we. And of course change in this area is good but slower than I’d like.

Myk Van August 28, 2020 - 7:39 am

We all hope for the best! Fingers crossed! 🌱


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