South African Students Engineer Marijuana Tool for High-Yield Growing

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The struggle for access to marijuana continues in many places around the globe. But in places like South Africa, innovation is taking the spotlight.

Two South African student-engineers have a solution commercial cultivators want. They’ve invented a high-tech marijuana cultivation tool for producing a high-yield cannabis crop. It’s a sign of good things to come for the South African cannabis cultivation industry.

South Africa’s Approach to Dagga

In South Africa marijuana goes by the name of dagga. The country has a long and rich history involving dagga. But, it wasn’t until 2018 when the laws concerning dagga changed for the better.

South Africa’s marijuana laws are unique. Dagga is legal for personal use. This use includes the personal cultivation of marijuana. The legal limit is eight plants.

There is also a legal limit when it comes to possession of dagga. under South Africa’s law any person may have up to 600 grams. However, smoking dagga in public is a jailable offense.

Is Commercial Cultivation Legal in South Africa?

Commercial cultivation in South Africa is limited to medical marijuana for export. South African law mandates quality control measures for all commercial cannabis. That means every facility must pass a rigorous inspection.

Quality control standards ensure cannabis grown in the country is of the highest standards. But, do these standards prevent the efficient growth of high yield crops?

A Marijuana Tool for Cultivators

Two masters students from Wits University in Johannesburg can up with a solution. They created a high-tech marijuana tool. The device eliminates energy waste while encouraging high-yield growing.

Constant Beckerling and Anlo van Wyk developed a marijuana cultivation tool. Their aim? To produce high-yield crops while growing marijuan with greater efficiency.

Their device uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) and hydroponics to grow cannabis indoors. The new marijuana cultivation tool focuses on the needs of the plant. Light and water.

Optimal Conditions for Growing Marijuana

Automated lighting systems and closed-loop hydroponics give the cannabis crops what they need. The tool is efficient for growing marijuana. A special organic fertilizer helps to maintain optimal growing conditions.

“Every plant has a specific light energy requirement or daily light integral… and it’s about the right amount of photons that a plant needs per day at specific wavelengths of radiation,”  – Constant Beckerling.

Marijuana like other plants has optimal lighting and water conditions. When these conditions are satisfied the plant’s growth is successful. Crops grown under optimal conditions produce higher yields.

Marijuana tools for growing high-yielding crops are an answer to many cultivators prayers. But cultivators are also concerned about the costs of growing.

Water and electricity are two of the greatest costs of cannabis cultivation. This innovative marijuana tool adjusts for water and electricity. It cuts the costs of cannabis cultivation. It’s a win for the South African cannabis industry and a win for cannabis cultivation worldwide.

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