Spain’s Recreational Marijuana Laws and Social Mindset

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Paella, Tapas, Sangria, Flamenco, Conquistadors, and BullFighting, Ole Spain! Now, social mindsets in marijuana laws can be a part of the list of things making Spain a unique place to be.

Spain’s Cannabis Friendly Climate

Spain makes up around 85% of the Iberian Peninsula in Europe’s southwest.  The other 15% goes to its neighbor Portugal. And like Portugal, Spain is a country with varying topography.

Northwestern Spain is a region of snow capped peaks called Cantabrian Mountains.

To the east of these mountains is the grand valley of the Ebro River. The mountainous region of Catalonia is also in the northeast area.

In the south there’s another rich valley called the Guadalquivir River. Towering summits of the Sierra Nevada are in the south region.

Spain’s medditerranian coastline attract tourists from all corners of the globe.

The beauty of Spain is more than a pretty sight to behold. Fertile valleys and abundant water supply are perfect for cannabis cultivation.

It’s a good thing cannabis can flourish here since the country’s cannabis industry is ready to blossom.

The only trouble is recreational marijuana is not legal per se in Spain. But it’s not illegal either.   The laws are specific.

General Legalities of Recreational Marijuana in Spain

With a range of legalities for cannabis, it’s important to remember two main things.

  1. Selling marijuana is illegal. Get caught selling marijuana or worse, trafficking and you’ll face some serious jail time.
  2. The personal use of cannabis is legal. Pot consumption must be on private property.  It must be out of the sight of authorities and the public.

These basic laws set the framework for Spain’s cannabis laws. They also reflect the lenient attitude of the Spanish toward marijuana.

Growing Marijuana in Spain for Personal Use

It is legal to grow marijuana in Spain for personal use.  All growing must be on private property.  There are two major restrictions on growing:

1) All marijuana grown must stay away from public eyes.

2) No more than two plants per household.

The Loophole Allowing Access to Recreational Marijuana

It is illegal to smoke marijuana in a public place. If you’re caught you’ll get a fine and in some areas jailed. All marijuana use must be on a private property not open to the public.

The same goes for buying pot.

It is illegal to engage in a public weed transaction. No buying pot from the guy on the street corner. Instead users get their cannabis through membership and participation in a private cannabis club. Joining a club is simple. It does need an application and a membership fee. As well as a proof of age and identity.

There are more than 500 cannabis clubs in Spain now.  More than 10% of all Spain’s cannabis clubs are in Madrid. Each club has its own theme and vibe to attract new members and keep the old members coming back.

Recreational marijuana cannot be sold legally. The clubs are the perfect place to score. The club’s entry fee covers the cost of the marijuana acquired within the private setting.

It’s a loophole allowing people in Spain to smoke weed without facing legal trouble.

In Conclusion

Spain’s cannabis clubs give potheads social weed smoking in private. It protects the public’s rights while granting rights to the stoner. They do not infringe upon the rights of each other. And they do not prohibit rights.

It’s a great recreational marijuana system. The system of private cannabis use ought to be replicated in other parts of the world.

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