Water, Quality and Cannabis

by Shanti
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Water is one of the most beautiful substances on earth. It has the ability to be both hard as a rock and free flowing. Water’s life giving powers are vital to every living organism on this planet. Humans and cannabis included.    

Yet most of us don’t fully appreciate just how important the substance is. For cannabis, access to the right water at the right time makes an enormous difference in how the buds turn out. 

Today’s cannabis has little in common with its nickname “weed”. When schwag was around in abundance the nickname was more suitable. The kind of high-quality cannabis used today requires attention. Providing water at the right time is part of the attention required to get quality. 

Amount of Water

The amount of water needed to grow today’s premium cannabis depends on several factors.  These factors include: 

  • The growing setup and apparatus
  • Growing environment meaning Indoor/ Outdoor
  • The stage of the plant in its life cycle
  • The individual plant’s characteristics

Notice two of the factors have to do with the plant itself. The other two deal with the conditions.

Growth Cycle and Water

The cannabis plant doesn’t need the same amount of water throughout the growth cycle. It needs the most water in its early stage of growth. Water is also used right before harvest. The purpose of the water usage at these times vary from each other. 

In the plant’s early growth stage the water is used to aid in nutrient uptake and photosynthesis.  Photosynthesis is the plant’s process of turning sunlight and water into sugar. The sugar is then used to grow leaves and eventually flowers. Or in our case big juicy buds. 

Water in Cannabis

Approximately 85 to 90% of the cannabis plant is made up of water. Water reinforces the cell wall’s structure in plants. Making the stems and stalks rigid and upright. This structure protects the plant and directs it’s parts in an upward direction for sunlight.

The cannabis plant uses water in three main ways:

  1. Photosynthesis or the production of energy from light 
  2. Strengthening of the cell wall for protection and support
  3. Extraction of vital nutrients from the soil

A water supply must not only be abundant it must be quality.  

Water Quality

For ages French grape growers knew the quality of the water determined the quality of the fruit.  Now cannabis cultivators are aware of the same. Quality cannabis cannot grow without quality water. Lucky for us cultivators of medicinal grade marijuana have already figured this out.  

The quality of water used in cannabis cultivation makes a difference.

Poor Water Quality

Poor water quality would be water with the wrong features for the growing conditions and plant.  These include

  • pH too high or low
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) amount too high
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from pesticides and herbicides in source water
  • Animal and human waste in source water
  • Nitrates from fertilizer runoff in source water

Water quality applies to both source water and water given directly to plants if different.

In Conclusion

The value of quality water in cannabis cultivation cannot be overestimated. Poor water quality can undermine the plant’s growing processes and health. 

Behind every quality bud is liters upon liters of quality water.

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